How to become a tutor

How to become a tutor

How to become a tutor

Now we have lots of questions to answer. Who can get this kind of income, how to find the first students, how to make a program, and whether you need to understand pedagogy to teach at home.

Understand whether this type of work is suitable for you

The main advantage of this work is the ability to create a schedule yourself and determine the duty. Experienced tutors do not even need to go anywhere, students come themselves. At the same time, you can earn good money. Other advantages are as follows. The pleasure of the students’ progress, the repetition of the material and making gifts for holidays. The main disadvantage is the seasonality of work: in the summer, children usually do not have classes, and adult clients often leave for vacations. One more disadvantage. A busy schedule with traveling, unstable earnings in case of sudden cancellations, lack of career growth. If all this does not confuse you, then you can proceed to the next item.

Do not worry if no teacher education

A pedagogical diploma or experience in this area can help find students at the beginning, but this is not a prerequisite. It is much more important to love people and the subject you are going to teach – without this, nothing will come of it. If you feel insecure, you can study several manuals and peep tricks on the forums of tutors and teachers. When working with children, it makes sense to penetrate a little into child psychology in order to prevent the student from getting bored and finding an approach if problems arise.

Determine the age of students and the program that they are willing to have

Some people like to teach children, because there is more feedback from them and they need a fairly simple program. Although you can often encounter inappropriate behavior of parents or irresponsible attitude of the students themselves. Decide whether you are preparing for the TOEFL or TESL – this is one of the most frequent requests from students. Sometimes parents want to save money and ask to work out at the same time with several children for the same or a little more payment. It is much more difficult for a teacher: even if children are of the same age, they will most likely have a different level of knowledge, and during classes they will interfere with each other. Adults who are looking for a tutor, on the one hand, are more clearly motivated, but at the same time, they may not do their homework, citing the fact that “there is no time for it.”

How much shall it cost?

The fee starts from 100-300 hryvnas per hour and in Kyiv and reaches an average of 400-500, in the regions even experienced tutors rarely charge more than 200 hryvnas. Eminent high school teachers are more expensive, but for beginners it will be difficult to find students at a high price. The cost depends on the location of the lesson (at the student’s – more expensive), on the duration of the lesson, as well as on experience and merit. For example, if you are preparing for international exams in a foreign language and several of your students have successfully passed it – this is an occasion to raise the price. The same with the exam or entering a top university. Classes in literature are more expensive than in Ukrainian, and rare languages are more expensive than English.

Start looking for students in high school, on tutoring sites or through acquaintances

There are two main student search channels: the Internet and friends. There are many services for tutors on the Internet, for example: You can put a profile there. When searching for students via the Internet, it is better to lower the price at first and work for reviews, because tutors without reviews are much less likely to choose. The following clients are likely to come by recommendation. Write posts on social networks and, if necessary, tell everyone about your new activities, including older acquaintances who may have relatives of school age. You can also try to place an ad in your university: applicants often need help in preparing, and a low price can be your advantage. Another good thing to tell your teachers is that you want to become a tutor: they can also send students to you.

Determine goals, level of knowledge, meeting place

The final goal is important to determine before the start of classes, the program and price will depend on it. This may be admission to the university, passing the internal or international exam, a good score in the semester. It is difficult for adult students to articulate why they want to learn a language, and “improving conversational skills” is too common task. In this case, it is worthwhile to come up with some kind of artificial benchmark in relation to which you can record progress. Children tend to do their homework because their parents are worried about safety and want to control the process. In big cities like Kyiv, the road to the other end of the city often takes longer than the lesson itself. With older students it is most convenient to engage in a neutral area, for example in a cafe. Enlisting positive feedback, you can start conducting classes at home and save time. In this case, it is worth to prepare a comfortable and quiet workplace in a separate room – you should not work in the kitchen next to the dinner being prepared, for example. The place should always be the same, with a minimum of distracting objects and sounds around. Skype classes are cheaper, but this is a good option if you cannot go or need additional income.

Make a program based on the goals and knowledge of the student

As a base, one of the textbooks for a suitable age and level of training is usually used, which the tutor complements with tasks from his experience, English olympiad tasks, articles and videos in a foreign language. Most of the materials can be found online for free. For kids, a generator of recipes and blanks for games is useful.

Find an approach to the student and/or his parents

Tutors face various problems: the initiative of mothers and grandmothers who want to help in the learning process, the irresponsibility of the students themselves and unusual requests. Sometimes you even have to play the role of a nanny.

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